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Glendale Artsakh Farmers Market

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We are a philanthropic based farmers market comprised of vendors who aspire to create a sustainable future for Artsakh. Our goal is to provide a weekly farmer's market at Glendale Art Public Library in an effort to promote businesses within the Armenian community. Due to the recent war in Artsakh and the dire need for humanitarian aid, there has been a burst of local artisans within the Armenian Diaspora who have been contributing to this need. We want to help these small businesses flourish so they may be able to provide ongoing financial support to our nation.

Since we are a philanthropic organization, vendors will have only one other financial obligation besides the cost of their booth. We ask that you donate a portion of your sales (minimum $25/week) to one of the chosen charities. Our mission is to offer the local community a marketplace where consumers and vendors can actively contribute to the needs of Artsakh and the Armenian Nation with each transaction.

The Market operates on Sundays from 10am-3pm at 222 E. Harvard St. in Glendale, CA.